Angara Cocktail Ring with Cushion Black Onyx in Rose Gold FiRZg6

Angara Cocktail Ring with Cushion Black Onyx in Rose Gold FiRZg6
Angara Cocktail Ring with Cushion Black Onyx in Rose Gold

The deadline to request an independent review was December 31, 2012.

Borrowers were eligible for an independent foreclosure review ifthey met the following criteria:

* These companies are participating in the Payment Agreement .

Eligible borrowers were sent a Request for Review form by mail starting in November of 2011 when the program launched.

If a borrower previously filed a complaint with these servicers about foreclosures pending during the review period, they were still eligible to file for an independent review of their foreclosure.

There were no costs associated with being included in the review; the review was a free program. Borrowers should beware of anyone requiring payments for assistance in connection with the Independent Foreclosure Review or any other foreclosure assistance program.

The Federal Reserve's role is to ensure compliance with the enforcement actions issued in April and September of 2011 and April of 2012, including the payment process under the agreement in principle announced in January of 2013.

OCC and Federal Reserve examiners are continuing to closely monitor the servicers' implementation of plans required by the enforcement actions to correct the unsafe and unsound mortgage servicing and foreclosure practices.

More information on the Payment Agreement .

January 12, 2018 Federal Reserve Board announces termination of enforcement actions against 10 banking organizations, civil monetary penalties against five of the 10 organizations, and termination of two joint orders against service

July 07, 2014 Federal Reserve Board publishes report on Independent Foreclosure Review and the Payment Agreement

July 26, 2013 Angara Round Two Stone Twist Ruby Ring 3a6CZ088wi

May 8, 2013 Federal Reserve provides additional information on borrowers whose mortgages were serviced by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

April 29, 2013 Angara Yellow Gold Vintage Diamond Ring with Diamond Shoulders vhqA9cKbeE

April 17, 2013 Angara Tanzanite Engagement Ring with Diamond in Yellow Gold QnrAjgIC

April 9, 2013 Payments to 4.2 Million Borrowers Covered by Foreclosure Agreement to Begin April 12

February 28, 2013 Amendments to Consent Orders Memorialize $9.3 Billion Foreclosure Agreement

January 18, 2013 Angara Two Stone Diamond Bypass Cross Pendant nqdpZM

January 16, 2013 Federal Reserve Board reaches agreements in principle with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to provide $557 million in payments and other mortgage assistance to borrowers


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By Dorothy Griffith

June 05, 2007

It seems like the sophomore year is one that you don’t remember. It’s not like your freshman year when everything is new and exciting. It’s not like your junior year when you start the college search process. It’s not like your senior year that is fast-paced, application-crazed, and meaningful yet fun. It’s the often-overlooked sophomore year that isn’t given nearly enough credit. This is disappointing news for our friend the sophomore year—especially because sophomore year represents 1/3 of the grades and activities you will use when it is time to apply to college. It deserves far more attention than most students give it.

Most colleges will tell you just how much sophomore year counts. Your sophomore year really can be the beginning of your high school career, especially if your freshman year was a bit lack luster. This article may not be used as an excuse to completely slack off in your freshman year, however. The grades you make in ninth grade are still on your transcript, but colleges will look at sophomore year as the real proof of what you can do—in and out of the classroom. It is, at many high schools, the first year in which Advanced Placement classes are offered, the year when many take the PSAT and the PLAN , you decide what else you take in your high school career, and establish yourself as a student, activities participant and as a leader. As intimidating as that seems, it doesn’t take a lot to prove yourself as a sophomore. If you are the person who completely slacked off during your freshman year, the sophomore year is the perfect time to bring those grades up. If you demonstrate continual improvement, this will show the college that you really do have work ethic, and you are a problem solver—you realized the problem of the less than excellent grades, and you worked out a way to not only correct the uh-oh trend, but a way to improve upon it.

Why all the talk about college you ask? As a sophomore, you don’t apply to college or even decide where you want to go. You might even have no clue if you really want to go to college or what you want to do if you did. Sophomore year is all about keeping your options open, and about being prepared to have choices when you graduate. The best thing you can do at this age, however, is decide where you don’t want to go and what you don’t want to do. For example, as a sophomore I had already decided that I was NOT going to women’s college. No offense to the single-sex institutions, but I just knew they weren’t for me. I had come to this conclusion with the help of my sister, whether she knew it or not. My sister is three years older than me, so I tagged along with her as she visited colleges all across the country, four of which were all female. By tagging along, I also decided that I didn’t want to go to an extremely tiny school in the middle of nowhere. Now, not all students have been blessed with an older sibling who applied to nine colleges and visited even more, but no fear, narrowing down your college search is actually quite easy. Believe it or not, your college counselor really does know about colleges and by sitting down with him/her for a few minutes, your counselor can probably pinpoint the type of school, location, and scholarships available for you. Another great way to find out about colleges that you may or may not want to attend is to visit your local college “fair.” This is where admissions counselors from colleges throughout the country and even internationally come together for the sole purpose of provide you with all the information you could possibly need about the college they represent. For your own well being, they will inundate you with pamphlets and booklets and even some free bumper stickers or T-shirts. This way you can see what colleges are really like by seeing actual pictures in a book as well as speaking to real live representatives of that college.

It’s a mistake to think your resume is all about school, though. What you do outside of school can count just as much as what you do in the classroom. Jobs, volunteering, and sports all count as good experiences and resume boosters. They may also be outlets for great networking experiences and scholarships. Be sure to note everything that you’ve done on your resume—it may seem small and unimportant to you, but to the admissions director or scholarship provider, it could be the difference between getting what you want or being unhappy with your choices.

Your sophomore year definitely shouldn’t be the forgotten one. You can establish your reputation as a student, but also prepare for your future in high school and beyond. It is too easy to just let the year slide by only doing what’s required. Make the most of it—but have fun doing it!

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6 - 8 November 2018 Vienna, Austria



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Initiate! is the perfect platform for startups, students, young professionals and established professionals to share ideas and innovations.

The need for innovation and change in the industry is apparent and happening. Adopting new technologies, acquiring new talents or forming new partnerships will create positive change. The Initiate! programme stimulates this change by including all players in the eco-system – all with the intention to catapult the industry forward.

This year Initiate! has relaunched its Manifesto , the industry’s shout out to collectively achieve a fair and sustainable energy transition.

Click here to read it andto get involved.

Besides the manifesto, Initiate! will be diving intothe latest tech and developments in the startup young talent space. Read all about it on the pages below and join the club!



The Initiate! Programme is a platform whereall players in the eco-systemjoin forces in making sure that the energy transition will be completed

to read more about the Programme.

Young Talent Programme

Are you about to graduate and ready to work in the industry? Or are you under 35 and working for a utility?

Then come and .

Startup Programme

Showcase your solutions to the entire EUW audience on the Initiate! Hub, connect and brainstorm with the incumbents in the industry and venture unites within utilities andmeet with VCs.

Are you interested in getting involved with Initiate! and getting updates about the latest developments?

Fill out this form and let us knowwhat interests you the most so we can keep you up to date!

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Initiate! Endorsers

The Initiate! topics will be covered before the event in the form of blog posts, expert articles and interviews. Read on:
13 Jun 2018 Dominik Perlaki, der brutkasten
Read the article by der brutkasten with Lorena Sklijan, Partner at Blue Minds Company, and Sietske Jacobs, project manager at Initiate!
Read More
06 Jun 2018 Kevin O´Donovan
Kevin O´Donovan ask himself what do millennials really think of the Utility Industry? Discover what he has to say about it in this post.
Read More
31 May 2018 Mette Jessen Schultz Henrik Tønder Aabjerg Friis
Mette Jessen Schultz and Henrik Tønder Aabjerg Friis,MSc students in Energy Technology - University of Southern Denmark, speak about their personal vision about the future of the energy market.
Read More
20 Mar 2018 European Utility Week
The Blue Minds Company and Initiate! are collaborating to introduce an exclusive matchmaking programme for corporates and startups during European Utility Week 2018, in Vienna.
Read More
19 Mar 2018 Michiel Dorresteijn, Senior Consultant, Energy21
After reading the Initiate! Manifesto,Michiel Dorresteijn, from Energy21, elaborates on what could be added to it.
Read More
14 Dec 2017 Sietske Jacobs, Project Manager, Initiate!
Key takeaways from the Initiate! Taskforce Meeting held on the 30th of November 2017 in Amsterdam with key industry experts.
Read More
08 Nov 2017 Lexie M. Ryan, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, USA
Initiate! Brand Ambassador Lexie Ryan talks you through her views on a topic she witnessed while at the Initiate! Hub at European Utility Week 2017.
Read More

These were the best moments of Initiate! in 2017


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